Why Dynamo? Click To Learn More

Why Dynamo? Click To Learn More

Dynamo Soccer Club has worked hard to provide a high level of soccer in Hanover County.  We continue to grow and prosper due to our training and excellent club atmosphere.  Here are some reasons as to why you should choose to play for our travel program:

  • Our Fees: Dynamo's travel fees are less than any of our competitors.  Our fees are reasonable and far less than our competitors.  Pay in Full or monthly installments
  • The Curriculum: The professional and experienced staff has worked to establish guidelines and training plans for coaches and players.  These guidelines are progressive and challenging, giving players a better environment to learn.  The coaches work together to develop players and deliver age and ability appropriate material.  Players are taught the game, and how to make decisions for themselves. Players are encouraged to pass and connect, play out of the back, show creativity, and are encouraged to try and keep possession.
  • Our Philosophy: Mission: To Develop Quality People, Quality Players, and Win Games, but not at the expense of the first two. We believe in developing the individual first.  It is our mission to develop competitive players that are very creative.  Dynamo also believes that character is very important and expects our players will be respectful of coaches, other players, referees, and the game.  Lastly, our philosophy is to make sure that we make every effort to win without foregoing the creativity or character of our players.
  • Our Coaches: Dynamo coaches are hard-working, experienced, and licensed professionals.  Many have played professionally and collegiately to go along with their coaching experiences.  All have been involved in youth soccer for a long time and at various levels of coaching and club management.  The Dynamo travel staff members are constantly challenging themselves with new coaching licenses, workshops, seminars, and coaches' meetings.  The Dynamo travel staff is experienced, professional, and proven.
  • Practice Gear: Look professional and organized with our practice gear.  Dynamo believes that players who look the part will be more invested in their development, and will be more disciplined and focused on training.
  • Team Trips:  Selected teams each year get to experience top-notch tournaments in fantastic soccer environments.  Trips are tailored to the team's needs and for player development.
  • Parent Education and Development: Dynamo values the parents' role in player development.  Through our Parent Orientation and Registration day, our Travel Parents Page, and through individual team meetings, our staff works closely with parents to provide them the tools to help their children succeed.
  • Our Facilities: Dynamo Travel operates mainly out of Courthouse Park and Taylor Park on manicured Bermuda grass fields.
  • Dynamo Indoor Sports Complex:  Dynamo’s relationship with the CSP Sportsplex allows our Travel teams to reserve classroom space, watch videos, practice indoors, and play futsal; particularly on rainouts.
  • The Dynamo Office: Opened in February 2010, the office has transformed the entire Dynamo program.  It has streamlined the club and made it more efficient.  It better serves our members and provides a central hub for soccer in our community.
  • Our Community Involvement: Dynamo has rapidly grown to be the largest youth sports program in Hanover County.  Our tournaments bring 300+ teams each year.  This has allowed us to help schools with our anti-bullying program, donate soccer equipment to local schools and orphanages in Haiti, build items at county parks, and help members with scholarships and fees.

Club Communication

Dynamo Soccer Club is unique with how we structure our lines of communication.  Many questions that parents have can be answered on the Travel Parent's Page, or by following the lines of communication listed below.  For this reason, the Dynamo Soccer Club Travel Program asks that parents use the proper timing and proper channels to ask questions and bring concerns to the Director of Coaching.  Dynamo Soccer Club expects parents to NOT approach coaches when there are concerns.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • When parents discuss concerns directly with the coach, the player development model is compromised.
  • Dynamo Soccer Club does NOT want coaches delayed from starting their practices or games on time.
  • The coaches do not have the answers that parents need.
  • It is important for our coaches to be able to concentrate on their task of teaching the players the skills and tactics of the game.
  • Many of the coaches have full-time jobs and families to get to after practice


At any point, you may contact the Director of Coaching at the Dynamo Soccer Club office (804-730-6510 or Tommy@dynamoindoor.com).  All administrative and player development details are managed by the Director of Coaching.  Here are some of the Director of Coaching responsibilities:

  • Player additions and subtractions for all teams
  • Develops coaching staff through a cohesive vision
  • Oversee and ensure individual player development
  • Field concerns and complaints from the parents 
  • Establish travel calendar to include what tournaments each team attends
  • Hiring and placement of all coaches
  • Parent and player education within the program


At the beginning of each season, there will be an arranged Parent Meeting at the end of one of the practices.  This will be an opportunity to personally meet the coach(s) of your child.  The coach will tell you a little about themselves and their personal philosophy.

During the season, if you have a question or concern for the coach, please contact the Director of Coaching who will then arrange a meeting with your child's coach or a phone conversation. 


The Team Manager position is a 100% volunteer position. The team manager will send out weekly reminders as well as game reminders. If you have basic questions regarding games, uniforms, etc. your team manager should be able to help answer these questions.  If you have a more detailed question regarding the coach or your player, please contact the Director of Coaching directly.


Parents that wish to address a grievance are asked to email the Director of Coaching first.  The Director of Coaching will wait 48 hours after the incident and then promptly call you to discuss the matter. Parents are NOT to approach the coach directly.  We feel that, due to the nature of the sport and in dealing with our children that matters can tend to be emotional. The 48-hour period serves as a cool-down period for all parties to collect their thoughts.

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