2020-21 Travel Tryout News

2020-21 Travel Tryout News

Fall & Spring 2020/21 Tryouts: Our Commitment to the Players

In these unprecedented and difficult times, the staff at Dynamo Soccer Club are making a strong effort to stay true to our core values. It is our Club Mission to provide our community with a safe place for children to play soccer, at various levels, at a reasonable cost. With everything going on in our world today, our commitment to the development of our players has not waivered. 

All of our current Dynamo Travel Players, from the seasonal year Fall 2019 and Spring 2020, are guaranteed a position on a travel team for the upcoming 2020-2021 season providing a team can be made in their age group and gender.  Current Dynamo Travel players will need to register with the Renewal Link provided below:

Renewal Link

In times of adversity, now more than ever, honesty, integrity and honoring commitments are paramount.  It is our intent, to do all that we can, to keep our teams together, and assist those who may be looking to join our teams. 

All NEW players who want to join Dynamo Travel for Fall 2020 will need to register by clicking the Tryout Link below:

Tryout Link


For the benefit of our current players, families, coaches, and welcome newcomers, we have added, or maintained the following to our Travel Program:


  • We have maintained our pricing from the 2019-2020 season (Teams participating in CCL will have a small increase to accommodate higher league costs)
  • Participation in the Club Champions League (CCL)
  • Weekly video meetings with your coaches
  • All of our Dynamo Travel have Free use of the techne-futbol home training app
  • Dynamo Travel has expanded to include U9 boys and girls teams
  • Dynamo Travel pays for all coaching education and coaching courses 

We will continue to stay committed to the long-term development in accordance with widely accepted scholarly research which includes: Early talent identification is a gambled practice for grassroots players. This means that the selection process of making A and B teams for grassroots players has no correlation with the future success of players. Many professional academies all around the world now know that it is impossible to know which (if any) of the amazing young players that they scout will make it to their first team as they grow up.

At Dynamo, our solution to this is to keep the teams even at the younger ages of U9 through U12, expanding the focus to the development of every single player, not just some of them. We do this for our players, our community and for the spirit of the game.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Shawn Martin- General Manager/Director of Travel- 804-201-0272, shawn@dynamoindoor.com

Tommy Hagerty- Director of Coaching- 540-907-0643, tommy@dynamoindoor.com


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