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The Dynamo Travel Program excels in offering a physically and psychologically safe environment for children of all ages to enjoy participation in soccer at varying competitive levels, at a reasonable financial cost. "We strive to develop quality people, quality players.".

Dynamo Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization established to promote and develop an interest in soccer in Hanover County and surrounding areas by sponsoring, organizing and operating competitive, developmental and recreational soccer teams for children aged 3, up to 19.  Dynamo Travel is owned by Commonwealth Soccer Programs L.L.C.


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About Travel

Why We Do What We Do

The Dynamo Soccer Club Travel program strives to create quality people, to create quality players, and to win matches without compromising our character and ideals.

As with any developmental process, players develop over long periods of time, through hard work, effective training and dedication to personal improvement. The program places the most emphasis on training, where coaches have the best opportunity to teach players. During games, our coaches reinforce training themes and goals and instruct players at key moments and within individually oriented environments. Gone are the days of yelling from the sidelines. Our players are expected to find solutions to on-field situations themselves through creative thinking and pro-active play.

Dynamo Soccer Club, Travel Program, holds our coaches, staff, players, and parents to the highest standards of educational practices and professionalism, and is confident our players and families will enjoy their travel soccer experience as a result.

Virginia Soccer League, Inc. (
Dynamo Soccer Club Travel Teams play in the Virginia Soccer League, Inc. (VSLI) and compete against other teams from various clubs in the greater Richmond area as well as Southeast Virginia. All home games are played at Courthouse Park or Taylor Park. Here are some features of the VSLI:

  • Full-time administrator and Technical Director
  • Several competition brackets per age group to participate in, based on level
  • High-quality clubs and teams
  • Games on Sunday, with occasional Saturday game


Travel Costs and Fees

Travel Costs and Fees

Costs and Payment

The Dynamo Travel Program asks that all U10-U15 players commit to playing the entire seasonal year, fall through spring, while our U16-U19 teams participate in the fall full time. There are two (2) options for paying Travel fees, pay-in-full at the time of acceptance, or paying monthly installments. 

Each player’s fee cover the following:

  • Coaches pay - licensed coaches with playing/coaching experience (includes continuing education courses for coaches)
  • Facility use - rental for usage of Hanove County Parks and Recreation fields.
  • Uniforms and training kits - includes two (2) uniform tops and three (3) warm-up/training tops
  • Training equipment - balls, goals, nets, cones, corner flags, training bibs
  • Tournament fees - two (2) per season, four (4) within the seasonal year for U10-U15 teams
  • Administrative expenses - website, telephone, office rent, supplies, etc.
  • League fees - including Fall, Winter & Spring season
  • Insurance fees - travel players insured through VYSA

*Additionally, players are required to purchase a uniform package. This package is around $90, depending on need, and is available to order from Soccer Post Chesterfield and at the Fall Travel Orientation Meeting.

Families in need of partial financial assistance must fill out a Financial Assistance form, and be approved by the Dynamo Director before scholarship monies will be granted. Scholarship monies are limited, and are given out on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that there are no full scholarships, and scholarship monies are given with agreements from parents to help Dynamo Soccer Club with volunteer work during the season, including assistance with fundraising endeavors, and assistance with club events.

Dynamo Travel Refund Policy

Dynamo Soccer Club has established a refund policy as follows:

  • Any player/parent who decides to remove themselves or their participant from the program's season between May 10 - May 31st will receive a refund of all monies paid, except for the acceptance deposit of $125.00, upon written request.
  • Any player/parent who decides to remove themselves or their participant from the program's season between June 1st and June 30 will receive all monies paid except the $125.00 acceptance deposit and the equivalent of one month's payment through the payment structure, upon written request.
  • Any player/parent who decide to remove themselves or their participant from the program's season between July 1st and August 10 will receive all monies paid except the $125.00 acceptance deposit and the equivalent of three month's payment through the payment structure, upon written request.
  • Dynamo Travel has a policy of no refunds for players/parents who decide to remove themselves or their participant from the program's season after August 10.  Furthermore, participants who are engaged in the monthly payment plan will be required to fullfill the full payment amount prior to their player pass being released or their being removed from the roster.
  • Players who suffer a season ending injury can provide documentation and send a written request to the Dynamo Travel Director of Coaching for possible refunds.  Due to varying circumstances all injuries are viewed on a case by case basis and no refund or future credit is guaranteed.


Travel Coaches

Dynamo Travel Coaches

Dynamo Soccer Club has an extensive professional coaching staff.  Many have played collegiately, coached collegiately, and some have played professionally.  Dynamo prides itself on having a diverse and experienced staff that is licensed and qualified in the latest youth development techniques.

The coaching staff works from a curriculum delivered at the grass-roots level by the Director of Coaching.  Dynamo is developing players through a consistent soccer environment where players can learn and thrive.  

There are three primary objectives in our player development structure:

  1. To develop quality people who exhibit examples of leadership, responsibility, honesty, acountability and sportsmanship
  2. To develop quality players that demonstrate clean technique and skills, quick and creative decisions, and an understanding of the game of soccer. 
  3. To win in all areas of life, without sacrificing or ignoring the first two objectives.

All of our coaches are placed in our program because they have an immense amount of soccer knowledge to give back to the children who participate in the game.  Coaches are typically placed with teams for 2 seasons only and then teams are passed on to other coaches.  Dynamo truly believes it "takes a village to raise a child".  The Dynamo Travel staff works within our curriculum and club philosophy. 

Here is our current pool of coaches:

Shawn Martin - USSF A License, United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma * **
Tommy Hagarty - USSF B License, United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma * **
Julian Khalili - USSF D License, United Soccer Coaches Advanced National Diploma * **
Ron Tiemann - USSF E License, United Soccer Coaches Goalkeeper 2 Diploma
Scott Sarnowski - USSF C License
Nick Hudson - USSF D License
Nathan Lane - USSF E License  
Rachael Webb - USS F Grassroots
Dean Bryant - USSF F License **
Madison Urie- USSF D License * **
Will Mihajlovits- USSF D License

* Coaches who are full time employees for Dynamo Soccer Club and Dynamo Travel.

** Coaches who are also staff of our Dynamo After School Academy.

U.S. Soccer Curriculum 

Coaches Resource Page

Director of Coaching

Director of Coaching

Shawn Martin  
 USSF A License
NSCAA Premier Diploma, NSCAA DOC Diploma, NSCAA Youth Diploma

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VA State Olympic Development
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