Fall Adult League (coed)

Dynamo Fall Adult League


  1. League is for the ages 30 and up.
  2. Each team is allowed 2 players under the age of thirty if they want them.
  3. This league is recreational.

Beginning Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Steps To Set Up a Team:

  1. Contact Us to set up your team.   
  2. Once your team is set up, the captain will be given a registration link to invite teammates.
  3. If you would like to play and do not have a team to join.  Contact Us to join the House Team, or to be placed on a team.


Dynamo Adult League Rules

Adult League Features

~ Games will be played on a field approximately 55x80 yards
~ 7'x21' goals with goalkeepers
~ Scores will be recorded and standings kept online
~ 30-minute halves, continuous clock - no overtime periods
~ Size 5 balls

Number of players: Each team will have a maximum of 14 players and will play 7-aside. The minimum number of players to start a match is 5. There will be no grace period as referees are instructed to start matches on time. If a team cannot produce 5 players at the designated start time, the match will be recorded as a 3-0 forfeit. Teams forfeiting more than 1 game in a season will be removed from the Dynamo Adult League. Substitutions and playing time are to be managed by each team and its members.

Cost: The cost will be $70 per player.

Rosters: Rosters will be checked by referees from time to time. Captains must have an official roster with them prior to the beginning of each match. Players should come prepared with picture identification to verify his or her name against the roster form. No one will be allowed to participate in games if their name does not appear on the official team roster.  Rosters will not necessarily be checked prior to each match, but random checks are done to ensure compliance with league rules.

Schedule/Location: Schedule will be released closer to the season.  The first games will be Sunday, September 9th.  All games will be in the evening.  Game locations will be released closer to the season.

Equipment: Dynamo Soccer Club will provide each team with T-Shirts that will act as uniforms. We strongly encourage all players to wear black shorts and black socks in addition to their uniform top. Casts can be worn at the discretion of the referee. All players must wear shin guards. Goalkeepers must wear a distinctive color shirt, different from their team, the opposing team and the referee.

Referees: There will be two officials per match. Referees will be officiating matches using FIFA approved Laws of the Game. Referees will be over the age of 18. All referee decisions are final, and no protests will be allowed.

Yellow and Red Cards: Receiving a yellow card will result immediately in a 2 minute penalty for your team, thus having to play down a player for that amound of time.  Players incurring 3 yellow cards throughout the season will be suspended for their teamsʼ next match. Red cards result in an automatic one-match ban, and a further one-match ban if the red card causes an accumulation of 3 yellows. Any foul language will result in a yellow card for the offending player.

Referee Abuse: Referee abuse will not be tolerated and is grounds for suspension or removal from the Dynamo Adult League.

Language: Foul language will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Dynamoʼs Adult League will be a family environment and should be treated as such. Referees will be instructed to issue yellow and or red cards in the event of foul language.

Fouls: Fouls will be called at the discretion of the referee, in keeping with FIFA Laws of the Game.  All opposing players must be 8 yards from the ball upon restart of play. No Slide Tackling Allowed, slide tackling will result in a direct free kick awarded from the spot of the foul.

Off-side: Will be called.

Goalkeepers: Goalkeepers will not be allowed to punt the ball; they must throw the ball or drop it to the ground to play with their feet. No throws may cross the midfield line in the air. If a throw crosses midfield without first touching the ground or another player, an indirect free kick will be awarded at the spot the ball crossed the midfield line. Goalkeepers have six seconds to distribute the ball. Goal Kicks may cross midfield in the air.

Substitutions: Both teams may substitute players on either teamsʼ goal kicks. Players from both teams may be substituted on throw-ins and corner kicks provided the team in possession is substituting.

Additional Rules: See below for further rules pertaining to the Dynamo Adult League.
1.     Refer to the weather hotline in the event of rain, 804-551-2565.
2.     No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any Dynamo Soccer Club games.
3.     Any players or spectators involved in physical altercations will be suspended without refund from the Adult League for the remainder of the season.
4.     Teams must clean up their bench area prior to leaving the field.

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