Our Mission

The mission of the Dynamo Travel Program is the same as Dynamo Soccer Club, which is to offer a physically and psychologically safe environment for children of all ages to enjoy participation in soccer at varying competitive levels, at a reasonable financial cost.

Dynamo Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization established to promote and develop an interest in soccer in Hanover County and surrounding areas by sponsoring, organizing and operating competitive, developmental and recreational soccer teams for children up to the age of 19.  Dynamo Travel is owned by Commonwealth Soccer Programs L.L.C.

About Travel


Why We Do What We Do

The Dynamo Soccer Club Travel program strives to create quality people, to create quality players, and to win matches without compromising our character and ideals.

As with any developmental process, players develop over long periods of time, through hard work, effective training and dedication to personal improvement. The program places the most emphasis on training, where coaches have the best opportunity to teach players. During games, our coaches reinforce training themes and goals and instruct players at key moments and within individually oriented environments. Gone are the days of yelling from the sidelines. Our players are expected to find solutions to on-field situations themselves through creative thinking and pro-active play.

Dynamo Soccer Club, Travel Program, holds our coaches, staff, players, and parents to the highest standards of educational practices and professionalism, and is confident our players and families will enjoy their travel soccer experience as a result.


Travel Basic Info

Protocol for missing league matches

If a player needs to miss a game match, the player needs to text Shawn, at 804-201-0272 or email shawn@dynamoindoor.com and clearly state:

  • Their full name
  • Their team
  • The reason why they are missing

Players are also required to report this absence to their team manager as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.



Virginia Soccer League, Inc. (www.vasoccerleague.com)

Dynamo Soccer Club Travel Teams play in the Virginia Soccer League, Inc. (VSLI) and compete against other teams from various clubs in the greater Richmond area as well as Southeast Virginia. All home games are played at Courthouse Park or Taylor Park. Here are some features of the VSLI:

  • Full-time administrator and Technical Director
  • Several competition brackets per age group to participate in, based on level
  • High-quality clubs and teams
  • Games on Sunday, with occasional Saturday game


Spring Tryout Information
Director of Coaching