Dynamo Adult League

Dynamo Adult League

The adult league will start back up in Fall 2019.  Stay tuned.

Our goal for Adult League is to create an inclusive environment for those of all skills levels to have an enjoyable experience.  

We are a 30 years of age and up COED league.  Every team is allowed two younger players between 18 and 29.  Females do not count against your teams younger player limit and must be at least 18 to play.



  • E-mail to add your team 
  • Once your team is added to the portal, players can register.
  • The sign up link --> Click here to sign up for your team. Select Adult league to sign up for your desired team. (Teams from the Fall are already in the portal)

General information 

We do not provide shirts or jerseys for Adult League!

  1. Games are at Pole Green Park.
  2. Coed 7v7 League.
  3. No gender on field requirements.
  4. Blue cards = 2 minutes where your team plays down.
  5. Accumlation of 3 yellow cards = 1 game suspension.
  6. 1 Red card = 1 game suspension.


Spring 2019


Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Fall 2018 Champions: Sons of Arthritis

Spring 2019 Champions: Dynamo Dogs


Adult League

Adult League
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