Parent Handbook


Director: Nikki and Shawn Martin

Assistant Directors: Dean Bryant, Madison Urie

Information in this handbook is effective as of January 1st2019.

This handbook is a guide to the policies, procedures and rules of Dynamo After School Academy, which will be referred to as ASA in this document. All parents/guardians must read the handbook when registering their child into ASA. ASA reserves the right to make changes in content or application of the policies, rules and procedures found in this handbook, as deemed appropriate. ASA may implement changes without direct communication, or reprint of this document.

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Table of Contents

About Dynamo After School Academy

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Hours of Operation

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Information & Notifications

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Blackout Dates

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Early Release & Delay

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Inclement Weather

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Suspected Child Abuse & Emergency Situations

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ASA Program Staff

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Withdrawals & Dismissals

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Leave of Absence

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Tuition Rates & Fees

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Daily Drop Off & Pick Up

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Electronic Devices, Cell Phones

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Toys & other personal possessions

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Dress Code & Clothing

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Lunch & Snacks

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Food Allergies

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Discipline Policy

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Health Issues & Medications

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Field Trips

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About Dynamo After School Academy

MISSION: It is the mission of the Dynamo ASA to promote and develop quality people and qualitystudent-athletes, by providing a physically and psychologically safe environment that promotes physical activity, academic success, and positive character traits.


  1. To promote the development and improvement of personal and character skills such as honesty, respect, responsibility, empathy, and trustworthiness.

  1. To increase the activity levels of each student to expose them to a variety of recreation and leisure activities.

  1. To maintain a physically and psychologically safe place for children to have fun interacting with other children

ADMISSION: Children between the ages of kindergarten through fifth grade may participate. Theacademy does not exclude participation on the grounds of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or handicap. In the event that ASA reaches capacity, students will be added on a first come, first admitted basis.

PROGRAM INFORMATION: The time spent at ASA is categorized as the following:

Academic:Homework assistance and/or supervised reading time

Activity: Fun and engaging activities and games that encourage overall skeletal/muscular and socialdevelopment in children.

Technical Training: Fun and engaging activities designed to develop the student-athletes technical skillsincluding throwing, dribbling, passing, striking, and using sporting implements. Each group will be rotate through activities giving each student the opportunity to experience all parts of our program. Some groups may spend more time with certain parts than other groups depending upon their age and attention levels.

Blackout Dates are days that ASA will be closed. These days include:

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • July 4th

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday Holiday 

  • Christmas Holiday Week 

*More dates may apply, but will be communicated by the start of school for that year.

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Hours of Operation, Information & Notifications, Blackout Dates, Early Release and delays, Inclement Weather and Emergency Situations:

Hours of Operation: MondayFriday 2:00pm to 6:00 pm during normal school days. On most schoolholidays and in the summer, the program is open from 7:30am to 6:00 pm Monday – Friday.

Office Hours: MondayFriday 10:00am to 6:00 pm during the school year and 7:00am to 6:00 pmMonday – Friday during the summer and school holidays.

Alerts: Parents can be alerted to notifications via email by signing up to our email list. Notifications ofschedule changes, news and updates about the program are sent out via email, posted on our Facebook Page and text alert system. Sign up for our text alert system by going to our website and selecting “Rained-out Alerts” or TEXT DynamoASA to 84483 to receive alerts as well. By registering you will be added to our email list.

Information Online: and

Inclement Weather, School Cancellations, and early release and delay Policies: If schools we serviceare CLOSED due to weather, or by Holiday, you can log on to our ASA Facebook page and our Website both listed above to see if ASA will be open or not. We will send out email, and text notifications with information regarding cancellations as well. ASA will pick up from schools we service on all early release dates, and will be open if at all possible.

Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect: Coaches and staff members are required by law to report suspectedcases of child abuse or neglect. All coaches and staff members MUSTnotify the Dynamo After School Academy Director of suspected child abuse cases. In all cases of suspected child abuse and/or neglect, the After School Academy Director MUSTreport the suspicion to the Owner and the Owner is required by law to notify Child Protection Services of the Hanover County Department of Social Services.

Fire drills, emergency evacuations, and intruder drills: Emergency drills are held periodicallythroughout the year. When the emergency signal or announcement is given, children should exit the building silently and/or remain in the pre-established location for further instructions. Emergency exit routes and directions are posted by each door and in other conspicuous locations. During a tornado drill, the students will be led to a safe area in an orderly manner, then crouch and their hands over there head while a tornado warning is active.

ASA Program Staff:

Staff members of the Dynamo After School Academy Program must submit to a background check prior to being hired. In addition, most of the staff is certified in First Aid/CPR.


Eligibility: School year and Summer: All preexisting balances must be paid in full in order to beconsidered for enrollment. To be enrolled in ASA a registration form must be completed and signed, and a registration fee must be paid (see Tuitions Rates & Fees section).

Children enrolled in the summer program must be 5 years old, and no older than a rising 6thgrader.

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Schools we service:

  • Battlefield Park Elementary

  • Cold Harbor Elementary

  • Cool Spring Elementary

  • Kersey Creek Elementary

  • Laurel Meadows Elementary

  • Mechanicsville Elementary

  • Pearson's Corner Elementary

  • Pole Green Elementary

  • Rural Point Elementary

  • Washington Henry Elementary

Withdrawals and Dismissals:

Withdrawals: Parents wishing to withdraw their child from ASA must notify the program directors, andfill out a cancellation form. Withdrawals require a 30 day notice, and tuition will continue for those 30 days whether child attends or not.

Dismissals: ASA welcomes all children but in certain situations, we may have to terminate the enrollmentof any child that disrupts a physically, and psychologically safe environment. Children that exhibit violent, and/or abusive behavior, or engage in bullying of another student(s), will be subject to dismissal from ASA.

A child may also be dismissed if a parent is negligent in abiding by any of the policies established in this handbook.

Leave of Absence: Situations that arise in which an enrolled child must take a leave of absence mayoccur. A leave of absence will be granted for the following situations:

  • Hospitalization of the Child
  • Death of a parent or sibling
  • Loss of job by a parent and/or guardian.

In the occurrence of a leave of absence the child’s space in the program will be saved, and the account will be frozen, as long as the parent notifies ASA within 3 business days. If granted, a leave of absence will be in effect for up to 4 weeks, at which the parent must update the ASA director on the status of the situation to continue to hold the child’s space.

Tuition Rates & Fees:

Registration Fee: $60

Full Time (4-5 days per week): $100 weekly

Part Time (1-3 days per week): $80 weekly

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“Get ‘Em to Practice” Fee: $25.00/week (in addition to Full-time or Part-time Fee) *Only applicable if signed up for child transportation to practice. This service is for Dynamo Soccer Club practices only.

Summer ASA: $150 weekly

Late Fee: Parent will be charged $10 per every 5 minutes late to pick up their child.

Multiple Child discount: $10 will be taken off of the Full Time price for additional children from thesame family. There are no multiple child discounts for Part Time care, or “Get Em to Practice”.

Upon registration, a credit card must be placed on file with Dynamo After School Academy for the collection of payments. Participants are responsible for paying the full tuition amount Monday, 7 days prior to each billing cycle. Cash or check payments are accepted if paid before the weekly due date. The credit card on file will be charged weekly if no cash or check payment is received.

Participants will be charged for weekly tuition regardless if child attends ASA for weeks not qualified as a Leave of Absence

School Cancellation fee: During snow days, and other days schools are closed, and we are open for aFull Day, the price to attend will be $15 per child.*Full-Time Members will get 1 free Full Day perweek in these instances, and that benefit will be applied the first time school is cancelled that week regardless if child attends ASA or not.

Daily Drop Off & Pick Up:

Drop Off – School year & Summer: A parent or guardian must accompany a child into the building to be dropped off. The child must have their identification card to scan into the facility.

Pick Up - School year & Summer: When a parent or guardian picks up a child, they will need to have their identification card, or a picture of the card to scan the child out.

Guest Pick ups are allowed if the adult picking up the child is eligible for pick-up, which is filled out by the parent if child is enrolled in ASA. Guest Pick Ups must have a photo ID and/or a picture of the identification card. If your child is going home with another student enrolled in ASA a written note must be provided to the director.

Electronic Devices, Cell Phones, Toys & other personal possessions:

All children enrolled into ASA are given use of a personal hook on the wall to hang their backpack on, and to keep their personal belongings in.

Electronic Devices and Cell phones: Are prohibited to use while at ASA without permission of the director. These devices must be kept inside the child’s backpack.

Toys & other personal possessions: Will be kept in the child’s backpack unless given permission by ASA staff to take out.

ASA is not responsible for any stolen or lost items. All found items are to be placed into the lost and found bucket located next to the front desk.

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All children are expected to wear athletic clothing, or bring some to change into. To avoid losing clothing, all jackets, coats, hats, and accessory clothing should be marked with child’s name.

Example of appropriate clothing: Closed toed shoes (tennis shoes, indoor soccer shoes, etc) T-shirt, and athletic shorts or pants.

Lunch / Snacks and Food Allergies

ASA always provides afternoon snack. On School Cancellations where children are attending ASA for a full day, they must bring a morning snack, and a lunch with utensils. If a child does not have lunch, the parent or guardian will be called to bring one. If unable to reach parent when a child does not have lunch, the child may or may not be provided lunch at the parent’s expense.

Food Allergies: Food Allergies information MUST be included when parent fills out the registration packet prior to enrollment at ASA. If a child has severe food allergies, an emergency number must be provided in the registration packet. It is important that children with food allergies are educated in what they may consume.

Discipline Policy:

Prohibited Behaviors: No student shall violate, while on ASA property or while under the supervision ofcoaches and staff members (including going to and from ASA), any rules and regulations. The following is a general disciplinary and behavior management policy:

Exhibiting the following behavior may be considered a breach in Student Code of Conduct:

  1. Fighting

  1. Stealing or defacing property

  1. Refusing to follow basic safety and After School Academy rules

  1. Repeated disrespect of staff and/or rude and discourteous behavior toward others

  1. Repeatedly displaying an inability to follow established guidelines

Breaches in the Student Code of Conduct may result in one or more of the following Levels of Discipline:

  • Meeting with coach managing the activity

  • Removal from activity

  • Meeting with Director

  • Call home to parent by ASA Director

  • Removal from ASA Program

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Health Issues and Medication:

A child may be sent home if symptoms of an illness appear during the day. In such case, a child will be isolated from his/her class while the parents are contacted. ASA must be notified if child has a communicable disease. Keep child home if they have symptoms of a communicable disease. Do not return child to ASA until child is showing little to no signs of symptoms and is taking medication.

Accident or injury: If a child sustains an injury, ASA staff will fill out an accident report and a copy will be given to the parent. In the event of a serious injury, all efforts will be made to contact parents and/or guardians. If unable to contact one, we will call 911 If necessary. The director is responsible for decisions of this nature. The parents agree this to when the registration form is signed.

Prescriptions and Non-prescription Medications: When children must have prescribed medications onfile at the Dynamo After School Academy, a copy of the prescriber’s order AND a parent’s authorization must be kept on file. Non-prescription medications require a parent’s authorization for the child to receive the medicine at ASA.

A prescriber’s order from the child’s physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant must include:

    1. child’s full name

    1. licensed prescriber’s name, telephone number, and signature

    1. date prescription is written

    1. name of medication

    1. dosage

    1. route of administration

    1. time of day for taking the medication

    1. anticipated length of treatment

    1. diagnosis or reason the medication is needed

    1. any serious reactions that may occur if the medication is not administered

    1. special handling instructions

  1. Only the After School Academy Director, or a qualified staff member may administer medication of any kind.

  1. When a medication, prescription or non-prescription, is to be given less than 10 consecutive days, the label on the bottle may be accepted as the prescriber’s order.

  1. The medication must be brought to the Dynamo After School Academy by the parent or legal guardian in the properly labeled original container.

  1. The “Medication Authorization Form” within the registration packet must be completed by the parent and returned to the Dynamo After School Academy to be kept on file.

  1. Changes in medications require a new written prescriber’s order, a new parental authorization, and a corresponding change in the prescription label.

  1. The parent or legal guardian should pick up unused medication from the DSIC lobby.

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  1. Exceptions to the regulations may be necessary depending on individual circumstances. Only the ASA Director or authorized designee may authorize exceptions.

Dynamo After School Academy will only administer current medications. The parents must pick up expired medications within a reasonable time of expiration.

Child Self-Administering of Medications:

Children will be allowed to self-administer medications required for certain diagnoses. For this situation the following rules must be followed:

  1. The prescriber’s orders must contain all the information listed above, plus a statement regarding the child’s competency in self-administering the intended medications.

  1. The “Medication Authorization Form” must be completed by the parent and returned to ASA to keep on file.

  1. If the medication is needed, the child will self-administer the medication.

    1. For standing respiratory medications, the child may take medication when required and then report the dose to the authorized staff member at the most convenient time.

    1. For emergency medications, the child will report the emergency immediately to the coach or staff member, who will call the ASA Director.

  1. If a child behaves in an irresponsible way in self-administering medication, the parent/guardian will be contacted and the child may not be permitted to continue this process.

Field Trips and Media:

During the summer months, groups will go on a field trip some weeks. Field trip destinations vary from summer to summer. A calendar will be mailed out to all ASA summer participants.

Go to| Instagram: Dynamo.Asa | or to locate information regarding field trips, to see pictures from them, and updated schedules regarding them, and to see general media from ASA.

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