Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I register my child for Dynamo After School Academy?           
Complete the online registration form on the Procare Connect site or stop by the main office. 


 Dynamo Indoor Sports Complex
Attn: Dynamo After School Academy
8175 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Children must have a Registration Form on file in order to participate in the Dynamo After School Academy Program.

2. What is the tuition price and how are payments made?
Tuition for FT after-school care is $110; PT after-school care is $90.  Summer tuition for FT members is $150; PT members is $100.  Prices will be re-evaluated June, 1st, 2021.

Payments will be set up during registration and will be an automatic debit each Monday for the following week.
ID Number for Tax Purposes: 73-1718793

3. Does the Dynamo After-School Academy offer part-time care?
Yes, the Dynamo After School Academy offers part-time care. Part-time care refers to a child who attends 2 days or less during a regular 5 day school week. Please understand that there is limited space for part-time membership and is on a first-come basis.

Dynamo After School Academy does not accept "drop-in" participants. 

Please refer to the Tuition and Payments page for details on Part Time care for Summer and School Year rates effective in Fall 2018.

4. What happens on early dismissals (scheduled and unscheduled)?
The Dynamo After School Academy will pick up the student from school at the dismissal time and provide activities and snack as a normal day.

5. What happens if there is a delayed opening?
The Dynamo After School Academy will open at 7:30 am for parents to drop their children off. Our staff will transport the members to school on time.

6. Will the Dynamo After School Academy be open on days that school is closed?
The Dynamo After School Academy will operate on days that school is closed from 7:30 am - 6 pm, weather pending. Full-time members who attend these days will incur an additional fee of $50/week if there are two or more days of school closures in one week.  There will be no additional fee associated with that week's attendance for only one closure.  Part-time members who attend these days will incur an additional fee of $20/day for each day they attend. 

7. What are Blackout Dates?
Blackout Dates are days that Dynamo Indoor Sports Complex will be closed. These days include:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Holiday 
  • Black Friday Holiday
  • Christmas Holiday Week 

8. Can I pick up my child before 6 pm?
Children may be picked up at any time after 3 pm on school days. The parent/guardian must follow proper sign-out procedures.

9. What if my child will not be attending the Dynamo After School Academy that day?
Please send a message thru the Procare Connect app or call the office at 804-730-6582 to inform Dynamo After School Academy that your child will be absent for that day.  We ask that you report any absence as early as possible as this will cause a delay at school pickup.

10. What if I cannot arrive before 6 pm to pick up my child?
Due to the nature of the  Dynamo Indoor Sports Complex, there are often nightly rentals who are scheduled to utilize the space starting after 6 pm.  As a result, it is imperative that children are picked up on time each day.  The Dynamo After School Academy late fee structure is as follows:

Pickup Time Late Fee (Due Upon Pickup)
6:01-6:05pm $10
6:06-6:10pm $20
6:11-6:15pm $30
6:16-6:20pm $40
6:21-6:25pm $50
6:26-6:30pm $60

11. Can someone other than myself pick up my child from Dynamo After School Academy?

If someone other than the parent or guardian on file is to pick a child up, the parent or guardian on file must call the office as soon as possible.  No children will be permitted to leave with an adult who is not on the child's file in the office. 

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